Master of Science in Chemistry

University of Lahore

Department of Chemistry offers a postgraduate program for the students with several advanced fields of studies like organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, Biochemistry, and many more. This degree is to create the research oriented abilities in the diverse background students through experimental work in the laboratories which are equipped with internationally standard equipment. During the span of his degree, the student will be able to prepare different projects by using different research techniques and methodologies which will be helpful for his future research and professional life.



14 Years of Education/ B. Sc. (Physics, Chemistry, Math/Chemistry, Botany, Zoology) or Equivalent 2nd Division,Minimum 45% marks

Why this


The graduates of this program are equipped to hands on work in different fields of their career. They are prepared to continue their education in world-class institutions without any difficulty or start professional life in industry. After completion of their degrees, there are many opportunities are available, for graduate students, in government as well as private organizations like forensic department, education sector, pharmaceutical industries and beverage industries, Textile, Paint, Pharmaceuticals, Dyes, Fertilizers, Cement Industry, Nuclear science, Surgery, Dentistry,Nanotechnology, Genomics, Petroleum & Petrochemicals, Metallurgy, Environmental Sciences, Alternate energy resources, Waste management, Irrigation & Agriculture, Research and Development.

Courses Offered

Semester 1
Sr# Course Title    Cr.Hrs
1 Inorganic Chemistry             3
2 Organic Chemistry             3
3 Physical Chemistry             3
4 Analytical Chemistry             3
5 Lab-I            3
6 Computational Chemistry              2
Semester 2
Sr No. Course Title     Cr.Hrs
1 Inorganic Chemistry             3
2 Organic Chemistry              3
3 Physical Chemistry              3
4 Applied Chemistry              3
5 Lab-2              3
6 Statistics for Chemists              2

Semester 3
Sr# Course Title    Cr.Hrs
1 Elective-I              3 
2 Elective-II              3
3 Elective-III              3
4 Lab-III              2
5 Elective Course (other than the field of specialization)              3
6 Research Thesis / Research Project / Advanced Lab. / Position Paper (literature Survey)              3

Semester 4
Course Title    Cr.Hrs
Elective-IV                 3
Elective-V                 3
Elective-VI                 3
Elective Course (other than the field of specialization)                  3
Research Thesis / Research Project / Advanced Lab / Position Paper (write-up)                 3

Offered at Campuses
Fact File

2 Years (Credit Hours 66)

Programme Recognition